Discovering Monte Veronese Latte intero PDO

Discovering Monte Veronese Latte intero PDO

In the heart of the province of Verona, nestled between the majestic peaks of Lessinia and Mount Baldo, lies an authentic dairy treasure: Monte Veronese PDO. This cheese, a symbol of tradition and quality, encapsulates centuries of expertise in cheese production and the passion of local producers for milk and its derivatives.

Tradition and Innovation in Monte Veronese

The origins of Monte Veronese date back even before the year 1000, when cheese served as a valuable exchange currency, highlighting the importance of livestock farming and cheese production for local communities. Today, this exquisite cheese is produced in two distinctive variations: Monte Veronese “Latte Intero” and Monte Veronese “aged”, both the result of artisanal production methods that preserve their authenticity and flavor.

Monte Veronese Latte Intero PDO: Flavor and Freshness

Monte Veronese “Latte Intero” (“whole milk”) is a true delight for the senses, with its delicate and enveloping flavor reminiscent of freshly milked milk, cream, and fresh butter. Characterized by a soft and easily soluble texture, this cheese is the ideal companion for every moment of the day, offering a touch of authenticity.

Sensory Characteristics

  • Sight: The cylindrical shape and thin crust introduce you to a white paste, punctuated with small holes.
  • Touch: The softness and elasticity of the paste anticipate the pleasure of tasting.
  • Smell: A bouquet of fragrances envelops the senses, with hints of yogurt, fresh butter, and green grass.
  • Taste: The sweet and slightly acidic taste, similar to yogurt, offers a unique tasting experience.

The Production Process

The creation of Monte Veronese “Latte Intero” requires skill and dedication. This cheese is exclusively produced with whole cow’s milk, obtained from one or two consecutive milkings, and processed according to traditional techniques passed down through generations. Each step, from coagulation of the curd to maturation, is carefully attended to ensure the quality of the final product.

Savor the Excellence of Monte Veronese

Monte Veronese – Latte Intero PDO is much more than just cheese: it is a symbol of identity and pride for the local community, a dairy treasure that delights the palates of all who taste it. Discover the authentic taste of Lessinia and let yourself be captivated by its unmistakable freshness and tradition.

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