Time, soil, man:
the uniqueness of volcanic
terroir in European denominations

Volcanic Agriculture of Europe is an international project aimed at promoting the Soave, Soave Superiore, Lessini Durello, Santorini and Monte Veronese PDOs. Protected Designations of Origin supported by the Italian wine Consortium of Soave and Recioto di Soave, the Consortium of Lessini Durello, the Greek Consortium Union of Santorini Cooperatives – Santo Wines and the Consortium for the protection of the Monte Veronese cheese. 

Volcanic Agriculture of Europe aims to promote, emphasize and make consumers know about the extraordinary characteristics of a form of agriculture and dairy production that differ from the rest thanks to the volcanic origin of the soil. Distinct terroirs that can be separated by thousands of kilometres but that have developed a common predisposition to quality, based on similar pedoclimatic characteristics, geological history, exposure and altimetry. Distinctive traits that can be found in the PDOs of these areas and that are expressed through a natural tendency to have persistent flavours, marked minerality, longevity and incredible complexity of tastes and aromas.

The PDOs promoted by Volcanic Agriculture of Europe, born from lava soils originating more than 50 million years ago, do not only have unique organoleptic properties, but also exceptional human history.

An incredible and unique legacy of agronomic knowledge, cultivation techniques and transformation of raw materials that have been handed down through the generations and have created a particular bond with the lands of origin. On volcano slopes, agriculture has always been the most flourishing human activity, but it is also a “heroic” cultural attitude. Volcanic environment is one of the most difficult and important “areas of applicability” of the thousand-year-old dialectic between man and nature, in a mutual exchange of energy and experience: the fertility of the earth and the difficulty of cultivating it; the generosity of the elements present in the soil and the extreme heights, where thousands of backs and hands have bent over in order to plough and build terraces, that today are an integral part of a landscape endowed with marvellous beauty.

Thanks to the contribution of the European Union, the Volcanic Agriculture of Europe project, which sees a close collaboration between Italy and Greece, will be developed over a three-year period 2020-2022 and will be developing, sponsoring and organizing promotional initiatives throughout the European territory, with particular attention to educational and communicative aspects, as well as media training.




Parma, 3 – 6 May


Dusseldorf, 15 – 17 May