Exploring Volcanic territories: from Santorini to Soave

Exploring Volcanic territories: from Santorini to Soave

From 12 to 18 May 2024, journalists and industry professionals participated in an international study trip to discover the volcanic terroirs promoted by the Heva – Volcanic Agriculture of Europe project. The itinerary crossed Santorini and reached the majestic Lessini Mountains, touching the area of Soave.

Fourteen participants from the Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden explored Monte Veronese, the emblem of Veneto cheese production, tasted the wines of the Lessini Durello and Soave denominations, and finally savored the prestigious PDO products of Santorini. These products are carefully protected by Europe and are recognized by their respective Consortia, which are also the main supporters of the Heva project: the Italian wine consortia of Soave and Lessini Durello, the Union of Santorini Cooperatives – Santo Wines, and the Consortium of Monte Veronese cheese from Veneto.


Their journey began in Santorini, where they explored local archaeological sites and delved into traditional cultivation techniques for native vines. Amidst the island’s stunning landscapes, participants also had the opportunity to savor the island’s PDO wines. 


But that wasn’t all. The tour extended to Italy, where the participants discovered the volcanic viticulture of the Veneto region. Monte Veronese, an emblem of Veneto cheese production, awaited them with its rich flavors. And the prestigious PDO products of Santorini—carefully protected by European regulations—captivated their palates. The adventure continued as they crossed over to the majestic Lessini Mountains, eventually reaching the charming town of Soave. Here, they immersed themselves in the world of wine, tasting the renowned wines from the Lessini Durello and Soave denominations.

“Discovering the Volcanic Agriculture of Europe” is part of the rich educational program of the Heva project, dedicated to a professional audience interested in promoting and enhancing the distinctive characteristics of products born from volcanic terroirs and marked by the protection brands of the European Union.

Below some images from the “Discovering the Volcanic Agriculture of Europe” study trip to relive the extraordinary moments of this unique journey and follow our next events live on our social media accounts:







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Exploring Volcanic territories: from Santorini to Soave
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