Identity, Beauty, and Quality: Soave and Lessini Durello in 2024

Identity, Beauty, and Quality: Soave and Lessini Durello in 2024

The new year has begun with a wave of innovation and bright prospects for two of the denominations within the HEVA project: Soave and Lessini Durello. In an increasingly sustainability-conscious environment focused on enhancing the territory, both denominations are gearing up to tackle challenges and seize opportunities in 2024, guided by a shared objective: the pursuit of identity, beauty, and quality.

Soave Identity Project

In January, the “Soave Identity Project” was launched, an initiative aimed at charting a common path to enhance the competitiveness of the denomination. Unanimously approved by the Consortium Assembly, this project aims to produce wines distinguished by high quality and a distinct identity linked to the territory and the vineyard. Sandro Gini, President of the Consortium, emphasizes the importance of this initiative in meeting market demands and affirming Soave’s vocation as an excellent wine-growing territory.

Identity and Success in the Sparkling Wine World

Similarly, the Lessini Durello denomination looks confidently to the future, presenting a new vintage characterized by its typical lively acidity and persistent aroma that define its identity. Thanks to the current trend favoring sparkling wines, Lessini Durello is gaining increasing success among consumers, both in its fresher Charmat Method version and in the more prestigious Classic Method. It’s worth noting that Lessini Durello is the only Italian denomination entirely certified as biodiversity friends, confirming its attention to environmental respect and sustainability.

Opportunities and Perspectives for a 2024 Full of National and International Events

2024 is shaping up to be a year full of opportunities for both denominations, which will be featured in numerous national and international events. Among these, the Heva project – Heroes of Europe Volcanic Agriculture, funded by the European Union, stands out, aiming to promote and enhance volcanic products. Soave and Lessini Durello, along with other European wine-producing entities, will participate in prestigious food and wine fairs such as Oenorama in Athens and ProWein in Düsseldorf, to showcase the excellence of their territories to the international public.

2024 is poised to be a year of growth and consolidation for Soave and Lessini Durello, two denominations that continue to amaze and captivate wine enthusiasts with their unique identity, scenic beauty, and unmistakable quality.

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