Relaunching Heva – “Heroes of Europe: Volcanic Agriculture”

Relaunching Heva – “Heroes of Europe: Volcanic Agriculture”

Participation in Cibus and ProWein marks the resumption of the EU-backed project “Volcanic Agriculture of Europe” after an interruption brought about by the pandemic

“Heroes of Europe: Volcanic Agriculture”, the promotional campaign aimed at enhancing the Soave, Lessini Durello, Santorini and Monte Veronese PDOs, is officially back in business. Funded by the European Union, within the framework of Regulation (EU) no. 1144, this international project sees the collaboration of the Italian Wine Producers Associations  of Soave and Lessini Durello, the Greek Association Union of Santorini Cooperatives – Santo Wines, and the Veneto Monte Veronese Cheese Association.

With a budget of approximately 3 million Euro, the programme, based on a collaboration between Italy and Greece, will take place over a three-year period and has as its goal not only the promotion of the above PDOs, but also the dissemination of greater knowledge and awareness among consumers regarding the quality and extraordinary characteristics of wine and dairy products rooted in volcanic soils.

The campaign includes many promotional activities: trade shows, conferences, events and seminars aimed at professionals and industry operators, and, last but not least, the launch of a structured digital and press campaign entitled “Volcanic Agriculture of Europe”.

The very nature of the entire project, closely linked with the organisation of events and participation in trade shows not only in Italy and Greece, but also in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden, is what determined its interruption, after its official launch in April 2020, due to the restrictions imposed to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

But now Heva is eager to get back on track. Drawing on the first-rate quality of its raw materials and the experience gained in recent years, the producers associations are once again ready to team up and bring to the attention of consumers the distinctive aspects of products marked by the European Union’s protected origin labels.

The first events to officially mark the resumption of the promotional campaign are Cibus 2022, the 21st international food fair to be held in Parma from 3 to 6 May, and ProWein, the international wine and spirits fair running in Düsseldorf from 15 to 17 May.

Heva will be featuring at Cibus, in Parma, with a stand of the Producers Association for the Protection of Monte Veronese PDO Cheese, in Hall 02 – Booth D 008. At the event, Italian and foreign industry operators will be able to sample Monte Veronese PDO cheese at various stages of the maturing process, paired with Italy’s Soave, Recioto di Soave and Lessini Durello wines and those of the Union of Santorini Cooperatives – Santo Wines, from the island of Santorini. These share not only a volcanic terroir, but also a pleasing freshness and minerality, characteristics that accompany to perfection the butteriness and fragrance of the Monte Veronese cheese. The aims of these shared tastings is to highlight, as part of the Heva project, how the age-old dialectic between man and nature can manifest in a reciprocal exchange of energies and experiences. “The volcanic environment, the fertility of the land and of our pastures, the generosity of the soil, man’s ability to cultivate in the pursuit of respect and innovation; these values form an integral part of a precious wine and food heritage, which deserves to be protected and promoted,” said Alfonso Albi, Chairman of the Producers Association for the Protection of Monte Veronese PDO Cheese. “Cibus is without doubt a great opportunity that will further contribute to making our cheese known, in a unique combination with white volcanic wines.”

At ProWein, the Heva project will feature with a stand of the Soave Wine Producers Association, Hall 15 / E05. Here, the star attraction is wine, combined with the possibility, at 4.00 pm on Sunday, 15 May, to take part in a masterclass, organised in collaboration with the publishing house Meininger Verlag, entitled Volcanic wines from Italy and Greece – Agriculture on the volcanoes of Europe: viticulture on volcanic soils.

This is a unique opportunity to taste some of the best Italian and Greek volcanic wines, paired with Monte Veronese cheese,” said Sandro Gini, Chairman of the Soave Wine Producers Association, “products which, through their particular soil, history and people, represent one of the most historical and interesting protected designations of origin in Europe”.

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